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MoTeC M150 PNP - Nissan R35 GT-R LHD


MoTeC M150 PNP – Nissan R35 GT-R LHD

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Product Description

MoTeC’s Nissan R35 GT-R Engine Plug-In ECU Kit is a fully programmable replacement for the factory-fitted engine ECU. No rewiring is necessary; the kit plugs into the stock wiring harness using the original sensors and fuel system. All essential Original Equipment (OE) functions are maintained, including dashboard, traction control and gearbox systems.


  • Tuneable individual bank closed loop lambda control.
  • Boost control integrated with torque control system.
  • Launch control integrated with torque control system torque and engine speed limits can be defined for launch.
  • Launch sequence builds boost prior to launch critical with large turbochargers.
  • Additional 10 position switch for VDC gain adjusts severity of VDC events.
  • Additional 2 position switch for switching maps: boost aim, engine speed Limit, fuel mixture aim, ignition timing, throttle pedal translation.
  • Compatible with all known variants of R35 in all geographic regions 2007 2012. Note: Each variant may have a unique start file.
  • Integrated 250 Mbyte of logging memory.
  • Fully integrates with stock systems including VDC traction control and transmission, and complies with OE system requests.
  • Includes Level 2 Data Logging 200 channels at up to 200Hz ? upgradable to 2000 channels at up to 1000Hz.
  • Data analysis via i2 software.
  • Torque limiting delivered via throttle and ignition control.
  • External fuel pump output for closed loop fuel pressure control.
  • Engine load calculation based on MAF, MAP, throttle position, or a combination of these, to provide sensors
  • Sensor fallback if a sensor fails (e.g. MAP) alternate load and boost pressure are used. optimum results in all situations.
  • Additional sensors may be added via the breakout connector: multiple EGTs (via TCA Thermocouple Amplifier or up to 8 via E888), GPS.
  • Full Cruise Control capability.
  • Integrated fully tuneable DSP knock control on individual cylinders.

Kit Contains the following parts: 

  • M150 ECU
  • Nissan R35 GT-R adapter box
  • Nissan R35 GT-R breakout loom
  • M1 adapter stub looms
  • RJ45 communications cable
  • LTCD-NTK lambda sensor and extension cable
  • NTK lambda sensor and extension cable
  • Air temp sensor
  • Fastening velcro


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