CP Racing 3.4L Short Blocks Available now!


CP Racing 3.4L Short Blocks Available now!

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Product Description

The ultimate in performance and longevity………the CP Racing 3.4 stroker.

We have spent the last 10 years perfecting our engine program through a variety of different avenues of Motorsport.  The results speak for themselves.  230+mph in the Texas Mile, 8 seconds passes in the 1/4 mile, 1500rwhp, and several 1,000rwhp+ street cars.  Tired of spinning bearings?  Having your machine shop “fully built” motor fail on the Dyno after spending thousands?  Put your money with a proven engine program that lasts.  We have several of our 3.4 L packages out there on the streets and strips for over 3 years of use and abuse without even servicing the engines.  We use only the top components from the top brands and build your 3.4 to your racing platform.  We have options for E-85, race gas, pump gas, and methanol race engines.  We ALWAYS run an upgraded piston and wrist pin as a STANDARD on our built engines as well as a stout rod and bearing package.  So rest assured you are getting the best product on the market.  Our 3.4 engine program has 0 failures to date!!!!  Buy with confidence……..

Components include:

Billet 94mm stroke crankshaft (3 choices)

JE or CP piston w/upgraded oilers, and pins

Carrillo HD H-BEAM rod with CARR bolts

Clevite race bearings mains/rods

ARP main studs

ProGram billet main caps


Additional Information

Weight 175.00 lbs