Tial MVS Wastegate MV-S Vband


Tial MVS Wastegate MV-S Vband

Product Description

Tial MVS 38mm V-Band Wastegate. This is not a fake or a copy. We only sell genuine Tial products. This auction is for a Silver Wastegate but BLACK, RED, BLUE, and PURPLE are also available if requested for a fee. We usually ship .6 – .9 bar wastegates but if availability is limited we will sometimes ship the next closest size to eliminate lengthy wait times. If it is important that you get exactly a .6, or if you specifically need another spring, please email us and let us know before payment.

This is the NEW Tial MVS 38mm with a 38mm Vband Flange Inlet and a Vband Flange Outlet. The kit comes with both the inlet flange and outlet flange AND both clamps. It also includes all air fittings, block off fittings, banjo bolts and everything else required to install.

Wastegates are an essential part of any turbocharged powerplant. Controlling boost not only ensures that you are maintaining the correct pressures for the fuel you are running, but it also prevents overboost situations where the turbocharger is forced to spin faster than it would like. In these instances, you actually can loose horsepower, as the air is being super-heated by the compressor.

This TiAL unit will handle boost control duties flawlessly when placed in a well designed system. This wastegate comes standard with TiAL’s racing valve stem. The valve stem has a wear coating on it which is resistant to corrosive lead oxides that appear when running leaded racing fuels.

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 6 in