C125 Track Kit


C125 Track Kit

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Product Description

The C125 Track Kit is a cost-effective, plug-in display solution based on our new full colour C125 Display. Offering professional level features at a club price, the kit is quick and easy to connect, requiring no previous experience with MoTeC systems. Each component simply plugs into the professionally wired and terminated loom, which comes complete with a handy plug-in power adaptor. The kit is expandable and can be adapted and expanded to suit various applications.
The C125 Track Kit includes:

C125 Display
10 Hz GPS
Two buttons, pre-wired
Professional quality plug-in loom, terminated and labelled, with plug-in power adaptor
Ethernet Cable

C125 Track Kit Options –

The C125 will connect directly to the factory ECU of many late model vehicles using the optional plug-in OBD-II adaptor, providing access to important engine data.

Customers with MoTeC ECUs can connect to the C125 with our plug-in CAN or RS232 adaptors. Some other aftermarket ECUs may also connect with these looms.

Logging can be added to the C125 at any time, allowing for comprehensive data analysis in MoTeC’s i2 software. This option is conveniently enabled using a password activation.

For those wishing to expand their C125 Race Kit further, an I/O upgrade will activate additional inputs and outputs for greater functionality. A pre-wired, terminated I/O Loom is available, or customers can use their own.

The C125 is a popular model in MoTeC’s range of colour Displays and Display Loggers. Striking in design and powerful in functionality, the C125 offers display, data logging, auxiliary control and programmable LEDs all in one compact device.

The vivid 125mm screen (approx 5″) is high resolution, ultra bright and anti-reflective for easy reading in direct sunlight. Choose from numerous selectable layouts and configure the channels and labels to suit, or opt for the new Display Creator upgrade and treat your screen as a blank canvas; design your own unique graphics, incorporate images, logos and custom icons. Create multiple pages to suit different scenarios, optimising the screen space for your application.

The C125 also features an array of ten full colour LEDs integrated into the unit for use as shift lights, warning lights or other driver alerts. The colour, function and intensity of each LED is programmable, allowing users to develop their own unique strategies and sequences.

Screen: Colour TFT LCD, anti-reflective
Resolution: 800 x 480, anti-aliased graphics
Selectable fixed layouts with channel and label configurability
48 user-defined, scrollable message lines with programmable overrides
3 programmable ‘pages’, for example Practice, Warm-Up, Race


2 x Configurable CAN buses with individually programmable CAN bus speeds
One can be used as RS232 Receive
RS232: 2 x RS232 ports
One with Transmit and Receive
One with Receive only


Dimensions 134.5 x 103.9 x 20.2 mm excluding connector
Weight 360 g
1 x 34 pin waterproof connector


120 MB logging memory


6 x analogue voltage inputs
2 x analogue temperature inputs
2 x digital inputs
3 x speed inputs


4 x low side outputs
PWM or switched operation


3-axis G sensor
Dash temperature sensor
Sensor supply voltage
Battery voltage


Compatible with MoTeC E888 and E816 Expanders, providing full functionality.

Logging rates up to 500 samples per second
Fast Ethernet download
Includes i2 Standard data analysis software (i2 Pro available as an upgrade)

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 8 x 8 in