CP Racing Stage 4 Cylinder Head Now Available!!!

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CP Racing Stage 4 Cylinder Head Now Available!!!

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Product Description

If the head don’t flow, there is no go!!

A stout bottom end is great and all, but without a properly flowing cylinder head you’ve only half of the equation.  Our cylinder heads are the end result of 10+ years of research and development of the 2JZ engine program.  Anybody can grind on a cylinder head to try and produce “flow”, however, too much porting can end in a loss of velocity and lower overall performance.  Our cylinder heads have been digitized with optimum flow results and then transferred to the 5 axis CNC machine for error-free results that give the same equal flow from cylinder head to cylinder head.  There’s nothing more consistent than a CNC ported head.  We only use the top components in valve train, valve guide, and seat technology.  Buy a head that lasts!!!  Our cylinder heads have options for upgraded guides, upgraded seats, shim less buckets, and an option for 1/2″ head stud clearance.

Stage 4 head includes:

5 axis CNC Head Porting

Ferrea 1mm oversized valves

Ferrea titanium valve springs, titanium retainers, locks

1/2 head stud accommodation

Bronze valve guides

Beryllium valve seats

5 angle valve job and cam-valve lash

Shimless buckets

Viton valve seals