MoTeC M130 CPR RZR 1K Package


MoTeC M130 CPR RZR 1K Package

This package gives you the latest technology from the MoTeC M1 ECU. Key features include:

-Full OEM dash functionality. Maintain the ability to read gear position, fuel level, coolant temp, rpm, speed, and battery voltage with included CAN transmission
-Full OEM power steering maintained
-Installs in OEM ECU location
-Automatic altitude adjustment
-Closed loop fueling for air and temperature variations
-Ability to control OEM drive by wire throttle bodies included
-Complete plug and play no additional wiring required uses factory fuses and relays
-Jumper loom includes provisions for future add ons for boost control, secondary injectors, fuel pressure sensor, and adjustable boost knob
-Includes a 3.5 bar map sensor
-Data logging included for 100 MB capacity on 100 fixed channels. Additional logging optional.
-Ethernet communications and on-board data logging. No memory sticks required for logging.
-Base map included
-Rock solid software and hardware

These packages are available for the RZR 1K, RZR 900, RZR Turbo, Z1 swapped RZR, and Apex swapped RZR

Stock ECU core required for Polaris 1k/900.

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