MoTeC M150 ECU w/JRR-CPR Supra Package


MoTeC M150 ECU w/JRR-CPR Supra Package

Firmware provided by John Reed Racing

The Supra MoTeC M1 ECU software package features:

-True VE airflow modeling.
-When fitted with a fuel pressure sensor, fuel pressure is part of the model and will be compensated for.
-Flex fuel
-Traction Control (uses factory ABS sensors or TRAC speed signals)
-Knock Control – can log 4 center frequencies simultaneously to aide in quick/accurate setup
-Drive by wire control
-Support for lambda and EGT per cylinder if desired. Also supports third party lambda controllers that have 0-5v outputs
-On-screen live logging is available for any channel in the system. Can be paused, zoom in/out, and will do map trace on the tables when scrolling through the paused data.
-Package available for the M130 or M150 ECU – depending on your I/O needs
-Onboard data logging memory (125Mb M130, 250Mb M150) is standard with a fixed 100 channels. Can be upgraded to 200 channels or 2000 channels user defined.
-Fully supports existing MoTeC products such as E888 (can add I/O, EGT thermocouples, etc), PDM, dash displays, GPS (track mapping/lap timing), SLM
-Nitrous bottle heater control
-Nitrous Control (threshold and gear based):
-Supports use of OEM push buttons (along with ordinary toggles and rotary select switches) for the following functions:
-Dedicated water/meth injection function, supports using a pressure sensor for arming/failsafe of boost/ignition/fuel trims:

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Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 6 in