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Product Description

VIPEC features:

Complete control over the snowmobiles tuning functions:  ONE BOX DOES IT ALL
-Will work with any turbo kit or big bore (PAR, Indy Dan, RK Tek, Silber, Boondocker, Turbo Performance, PUSH, HM Turbo, or your own turbo kit)
-Will plug and play on any Polaris RMK 2011-2014
-Can be tuned remotely, via email, via phone hot spot, or via internet conection.  No more sending in your box for a reflash to get a new map
-Uses factory Tmap sensor, TPS, Speed sensor, EGT, Knock sensor, Coolant Temp Sensor
-Battery-less operation
-Factory reverse feature retained
-Wide band o2 sensor input for data logging
-Knock/DET control
-Launch control and anti-lag built in (this works great for drag racing your buddies, or if you get REALLY stuck)
-Closed loop fuel controlling enabled-You set your target Air Fuel ratio and the ECU hits that target
-Closed loop boost control
-Power valve adjustability via Auxiliary Output
-Use any injector to run on your snowmobile
-Secondary injection control based off throttle, rpm, and boost pressure
-Altitude compensation for fueling, timing, and boost control
-Configurable data logging either internally in the ECU or via connected PC
-Programable Data logging switch (Store up to 10 maps internally)
-Multiple Fuel and Timing maps via switch (if you want/need)
-Fuel Compensations for Air Temp, Altitude, Coolant Temp, EGT temp
-Timing Compensations for Air Temp, Altitude, Coolant Temp, EGT temp
-Set your own rev limiter
-Set your own speed limiter
-Boost limiter (Prevention for over boosting your sled)
-Expandability to add sensors for pipe pressure, fuel pressure, turbo shaft speed, or any other 0-5 voltage sensor
-Programable Auxiliary Outputs
-USB programming via the VIPEC VTS software

-Firmware and software updates available via the VIPEC website
-Comes with extra pins and USB cable
-Complete instruction manual with pinouts for ECU expandability
-Excellent help software to explain ECU features and functions included
-Maps can be password protected
-2 year warranty






Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in